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Sea Tours

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10% Discount
per person$28.0
Explore the stunning beauty of Egypt’s first National Park where you will find wild beaches, spectacular rock formations, desert landscapes, mangroves and extraordinary coral reefs.
12% Discount

INTRO DIVING AT TIRAN ISLAND 01/01/2017 - 31/05/2018

per person$30.0
Intro Diving in Sharm El Sheikh is chance to discover yourself, no needs to be good in swimming if you want to try it, by our professional dive master you will get the basic knowledge in English language and you will dive for 30 minutes to discover the wanders of the sea.
10% Discount
per person$25.0
Enjoy a leisurely boat cruise to Ras Mohammed National Park to swim and snorkel in the crystal clear blue waters of the Red Sea. The fish are plentiful and the snorkeling is some of the best in the world.
10% Discount

SEA SCOPE EXCURSION 01/01/2017 - 31/01/2018

per person$24.0
If you can`t swim, if you have kids and they afraid deep water, and if the sea is cold for you, you can enjoy watching fish & corals for 1 ½ hours without getting in the water, you just need to use the submarine.
10% Discount
per person$12.0
Snorkeling in the red sea is amazing activity, Enjoy a relaxing day swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing on this leisurely boat cruise to Tiran Island where you will discover crystal clear blue water, lagoons and colorful coral reefs.